Friday, April 2, 2010

The LiE magazine issue 1

After creating a lot of media hype, trying all publicity stunts that I(not we) could finally I have come up with this much-hyped,  less-awaited issue 1 of the LiE magazine.

The Team LiE : I am the lone worker in team LiE the other dumbos are of no use still have to carry their burden i am a team man but like to work alone to produce quality shit(I eat lotsa words) .I wont make it public the pathetic times I had with  my team mates explaining them the basics but of no use to me .... newys move ahead... the contens....

The Burning Planet :
I donno why I cant see but theres a fire on the planet ????  and it is submerged 2/3 in water ...... just kidding .. nice article the only relevant thing to be found here.

Taste/Thought .....why so Speak English as a foreign language and be a foreigner  umm sth about the author  actually i cud not umm i did not  i must not  i should not     fkk i donno who the hell wrote this     sorry just dont want to reveal how i managed to grab it  well guys if u want to take TOEFL its one of the easiest exams spend 12-15 hours after ur GRE exams n ull have a decent 110+/120

The Future of Computing stop boring me. For the sake of having something technical ....dont come up with this crap much more is available on net and a curious mind will take the  pain of finding it.

Impact of recession in India : A lot has been said and read about it .. and now you are coming with an article like this its like creating awareness to fight for  independence after 26th Jan 1950 anyways if u are interested keep following this blog

Dont Travel to a zoo if at all you plan  to end up living there        agreed we are social animals      but that 'social' brings in a lot.

Here comes the big story (gals get impressed) DHWAND(धवंद) no its dwand (द्वन्द)   well for those of you who do not know ... the background narration/dialogues were readymade .. Rahul Rawat and Shartak Mittal (I wish I could manage without sharing the names ... but huge pressure though I tried my best and kept most of the names and stories under the cover). I am sorry we could not find better ready made thing. I know you guys were disappointed with  somehow script-fitting and overdone images,  please dont complain of a poor script. I have heard a lot of those, sorry could not find a better thing. It won accolades...... he/I designed a site FREE OF COST  and they payed me the first prize yipee  nothing is free here  umm I think I for Jalandhar Ill have to give the guys few %age from prize money  and yes did you see those names their on the background....they actually wanted to get publicised through our work, cant help cheap mentality.      

P**nographs      no they are photographs     nice arent they!

TEAM LiE here:
 We hope you enjoyed the magazine.Before you dismiss this as bad or not worth reading(which I had already realised long back)

* This is my first attempt at mag design and the interface isnt good enough though i used lot of flash templates

*This is only an intro so as to assess the market conditions    in next issues we will target on topics like internship opportunities      so that we can make money in between acting as a middle man some thign we are SERIOUS about (instead of showing our   juniors the path ahead)

*I know you wanted to see truth in a magazine and I have shown you if u r in a mood of criticising speak our heart out n die ...let it be a magazine of the students  by the students (and professionals) for the students.

*I would like to listen more stories    if u want to get heard    just mail stuffs with ur desired name it will be posted     guys it is going to get bigger than u can imagine.

*Comment freely over all UIs so that I have ample publicity.

Please send me feedbak you can possibily send    I need it :D

Do u want to contribute :

* Mail me any topic ill cross check the validity of the rumor/under cover story etc. and post it.

* Well if u feel u can report spam I have Google at my rescue.

I am hiring :

For those dick heads who want to work for me and are incapable to work on their own..Generate creative ideas implement them earn the profit alone, come over with me guys ill exploit your creativity,  use you for my gains keep u happy with flowery words and make looooots of love naah money  (love only if gals get impressed i know some will    after so much of pomp and glamour).

You have the right to copy (and the left to paste for here in the comments )  the LiE mag 2010 everything belongs to all of u, u can copy distribute modify do watevr   no mails on moral/ethical values   i mean it and i know you trust me.

Me : God Why does it happen to me everytime .. guys who dont have any other business sit and spoil my work .. if they cant manage any thing on their own if they cant create any thing of their own ... y become a hurdle in some1 else's path.
God : son hurdles are stepping stones in pathway to success ... one hurdle(article read) u get closer to your success by n-1 hurdles.

Me : God its enough .. I cant tolerate much .. Paani ab sar ke upar nikal aaya hai .. I gooto do sth ill *****
         that  *****.
God : If others do bad to you keep doing good to them until they realise their folly.

Me : God enough is enough look at the effort i have put and a mere blog can ruin everything all my plans and hidden motives.
God : take it easy if your motives are true ull have supporters dont be mean arrogant selfish son dont run after money follow the path of truth and righteousness ull end up enjoying a blissful life.

Me : I cant help it.
God : U prayed for publicity through any medium and when I gave you dont want it any more. Son had  I not told you the midas story in childhood ..still u went greedy zzzdddrrrrrrrr.....??!!@@##$$%%^^&&**()##$$$$#

 network error ..connection interrupted

Me : God u left me all alone in times of distress when I am in trouble and the mood is upset I cant bear all this adversity alone can not bear the hard ship all alone. Forgive me God I tried to predict your moves I am a mere man and you are God of Rain .... wat d i do??  ???????????

(God Please help praying right from heart )

Oh yeah issue 2 LiE I got some work  WORK BUSY MONEY GALS lmao.  Stones are thrown at the tree that bears most fruits....come stones I ll face u boldly I am stronger than before....huh fk u God see what I do to you I have more fans, I have a huge support I have wider reach and huge coverage.  I will sue you get your ass out of my way you moron just wait and watch (my expressive custom msgs not to forget the face book wall).   Ill be revenging at my very best  naah just kidding,  off  to my serious work  articles as these keep adding to my publicity and I am least bothered about it
"I am famous now ".